Over the course of owning this business, I have talked to hundreds of nervous, anxious and busy parents. Many parents say they have either tried driving with their child and were too nervous or they just couldn’t find the time. Recently I found myself in the role as my own client. I am now the parent of a teen who is ready to start driving!

So I called Francis (our amazing instructor), the same way all of our clients have and asked her to schedule my newly permitted 15 year old daughter. I had been excited about the idea of her learning to drive. I have said I am ready for her to get her license and take some of the driving responsibilities in the home off me. I’ve joked with her that she’s getting keys to a good-enough used car and she’s taking her sister with her!

So the day of her first driving lesson came, and turns out I wasn’t ready. Francis pulled in the driveway and got out of the car. My daughter walked to the passenger side of the car, as she’s accustomed to, and Francis says, “nope, you’re in the driver’s seat.” As they spent some time in the driveway going over some things in the car, I took some pictures then realized it was time for me to go inside and they were on their way.

Now, Francis does this every single day. Nearly every driver she instructs has had little experience behind the wheel, if any at all. Every student she has is someone’s child taking a major step in life. Prior to this day, I had not thought about it quite like this. I had not realized the emotions I would have about this step in my child’s life. But does every mom go inside and cry?? I literally did that! What is wrong with me?? Why is something like this making me so emotional?? I realized that day that my child was growing up. I realized that maybe she is ready for this type of responsibility-driving. I also realized the anxiety of every parent who have been our clients.

So parents, I want you know I am now where you are. I am now the client, with a child who is the student. I am now watching her drive away with her driving instructor and anxiously waiting for her to come driving back down the road and hear how she did.

Parents, I cannot thank you enough for your trust in me and my instructor with your child. It took me watching my own child drive away to really put myself where you are. I promise to keep your child safe and provide them with the necessary tools to be safe, confident drivers.

Owner, Total Driving Instruction

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