Here is an email we received from one of our parents. We are so humbled when someone reaches out to us and tells us how satisfied they were. We love helping new drivers and we thank you parents for trusting us with your children.


Morning My Dynamic Duo’s of Total Driving,

I don’t know how to show my gratitude to you Beth, for returning my email from Total Driving School and Mrs. Francis for helping my son Nickolas learn how to drive AND getting his driver’s license in three sessions (YOU ROCK☺). When Mrs. Francis, pulled up to my Apartment and introduce herself, her demeanor, her passion, and her motivation to teach Nick how to drive, I knew Nick was in good hands.

Since I have a tracker on Nick’s phone for other reasons, I was able to track him the entire time while he was driving. I couldn’t believe Mrs. Francis was taking a chance on driving my son Nick with no experience in driving on a busy stretch of 71 highway. (Mrs. Francis is definitely a Super Woman). I waited in anticipation to see how his first session went.

After two hours of pacing the floor and tracking his driving. I received a ping from the tracker that he was in the area. I ran downstairs to greet Nick to see how his first experience of driving on a busy highway went, Nick said it was scary, but Mrs. Francis helped him stay calm, focus and confident that he could do it. I ask if Mrs. Francis had a break on her side because when I took Driver’s Ed. My instructor did. He said no. Again, Mrs. Francis has the patience of JOB in the bible.

On the third driving session, he stated that Mrs. Francis, said he was going to get his licensed today and he did!!!

Thank you Beth and Mrs. Francis for helping Nickolas get his license.

You ladies are my ANGELS!!! Charlie’s Angels does have anything on Total Driving Dynamic Duo’s ☺

Thank you again, for a VERY proud parent.

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